Reclamation And Restoration

Especially in Richmond reclamation and restoration of salvaged wrought and cast iron is very important. In many ways the restoration of steel and iron is part of keeping this cities history alive. Even through appropriate modification small pieces normally scrapped can be used to ornament and accentuate.

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Bunn Avenue

The Bunn Ave project was the transformation of a 900 sq foot bungalow to a 2000+ sq foot modern home. Interior work included building 1/4 inch plate shelves in two living areas for sculpture and a porcelain collection, two rotating sculpture stands, a steel fireplace surround and light cover, steel baseboards, a stainless steel faucet…

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Gates Fences and Railings

Gates, fence, and railing are what I was taught when I was originally brought into metal fabrication. I have built classic cast iron designs, contemporary and modern, and one railing that each picket was hand built different from the next. One project had me building a fence that William Lawrence Bottomley designed in the very…

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